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Welcome to unveiling of the 2013 Viral Video Gummy Award winners. Please, take your seats. Obviously, this year has been full of many great viral videos. It has also, as every year will be in -- we…   Read Story »
When Gabe left back in August, the first question that most people would ask me about the future of Videogum was, "What's going to happen to the end of the year viral video supercut?!" Which always…   Read Story »
Girl, you're all over the web and you look great. (Via Gawker.)   Read Story »
"Wow, what a ride it has been! You know, you dream about living a life like the life I'm living as a little kid, but you never think it's actually going to happen. Even while you're working hard…   Read Story »
Steps 1 - 50: Don't. You can't. And also no. (Via DailyGrace.)   Read Story »
Leave it to Katherine Chloe Cahoon to grasp the basic idea behind a "Harlem Shake" video, execute it perfectly, and release it to the Internet at the height of the meme's popularity. That's our girl.…   Read Story »
Whoa. It is kind of nuts that this is the FIFTH annual Videogum montage of the year's best viral videos. It's a straight up tradition now! I guess it's really true what my motivational poster says,…   Read Story »
What's the deal with these tiny pea brains? You see so many videos of the same thing -- one minute they're crying, as if the whole world isn't only trying to love them and teach them words and give…   Read Story »
The New York Times has a short profile on the "Charlie Bit My Finger" family today. Did you know that video has more than 417 million views? That is so many views! It is the "most successful…   Read Story »
Time is flexible and subjective, so a minute can seem like a lifetime, while a lifetime can flash by in a second. (At least, that is what my throw pillow will say when I am done embroidering it.) And…   Read Story »