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[This week's episode of Mad Men has been recapped by Benji Meyer, a 10-year-old who lives with his parents in Ohio.] Yesterday we went to the park. It was pretty good. We played soccer and had…   Read Story »
The EXPLOSIVE image above is the FIRST LOOK at the upcoming fourth season of Mad Men (premiering on AMC, July 25th). As you can see, Don Draper, Pete Campbell, and Roger Sterling will DEFINITELY be…   Read Story »
Sean O'Connor and Julian McCullough finally ask Mad Men's Vincent Kartheiser whether or not he regrets being in Indian and the Cupboard. IN YOUR FACE, journalism!   Read Story »
[Ed. note: Over the next few weeks, Videogum will be introducing our stable of new freelance writers covering some of your favorite shows. Today, I am extremely excited to announce that this season…   Read Story »
Lest we forget that the third season of Mad Men begins this summer (supposedly August 16th), AMC has started running this new promo featuring prominent, salacious moments from Season 2. Even the…   Read Story »
Four Mad Men regulars stopped by The Soup to celebrate their show's Golden Globe win. It's weird to see Pete Campbell And Them talk about Miley Cyrus: First Jon Hamm guest stars on 30 Rock, now…   Read Story »
The Mad Men finale happened, and after weeks of tension, Grand Gesture-Watch '62 finally came to an end. What a long, strange, long, long, too long, too many awkward pauses trip it's been. The soap…   Read Story »
  Anyone remember Masterminds, the 1997 movie starring Patrick Stewart that was "Die Hard in a prep school"? It could probably never be made now because of school shootings, but I remember…   Read Story »