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And so it is. After a particularly great season, especially as compared to last season, last night's finale was way less "fun" than many of the season's episodes and a total emotional bummer, but…   Read Story »
I miss Game of Thrones! JK. I mean, I do. Game of Thrones is so great. But I am an adult, I can handle there not being new episodes of a show I like for awhile. Not to mention that there are other…   Read Story »
Guys? Let's do a quick gut check, guys! How's everybody's gut? My gut is pretty good. This morning I had to take my car into the car store for a car doctor's appointment, which you would not think is…   Read Story »
Disney has closed LucasArts, the game developer and publisher, and canceled its two upcoming Star Wars titles Star Wars: First Assault and Star Wars 1313. This means nothing to me, but give my…   Read Story »
Some Ghostbusters fans have built an entire working replica of the firehouse basement where the Ghostbusters containment unit is stored, and you can check out a bunch of pictures of it and these…   Read Story »
As you may recall, Vincent Kartheiser's character Pete Campbell on Mad Men got punched in the face on the last season of Mad Men, but in a new interview with Vulture, Kartheiser reveals that he has…   Read Story »
Well, OK. For the most hit-or-miss season of Mad Men thus far, last night's season finale makes perfect sense. Oh, it was still a great season of a great television show to be sure, but it took a lot…   Read Story »
HOO BOY. Before we even get INTO it, you guys might remember in the run-up to this season there was that bus poster ad that featured a "man" mannequin in a smoking jacket sitting in a chair looking…   Read Story »
I stand by my assertion 1000 percent and will LAY DOWN MY LIFE in its defense that the first double-length episode of this season of Mad Men; was just straight up Bad Television. The pacing was off,…   Read Story »