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Bill Murray and Emma Stone surprised and entertained the troops in Hawaii and it seems like it was delightful. -Pajiba In 1998, Vincent Gallo appeared as a surprise guest in a roundtable dicussion…   Read Story »
Vincent Gallo is suing the city of Los Angeles. The fate of everything hangs in the balance.   Read Story »
Books -- soooooo gross, right? What do I look like, a nerd who doesn't even care about making the slightest effort to not look like a nerd? No thank you. Audio books are just as gross, maybe even…   Read Story »
TGIF, right? Thank GIF. Hahah. That is very funny and clever and I'm not sure why it took me SO MANY GIF posts to come up with it. I'm sure no one else has ever come up with that, I trademark it…   Read Story »
Vincent Gallo is great. Admittedly, he is also terrible. But then on the other hand: He is great. So it's a tough call. I would like everyone to know right now that Buffalo '66 is one of my favorite…   Read Story »
Francis Ford Coppola's Tetro trailer, you guys. OK, first let me say that this actually looks pretty good. Sure, it's a little…   Read Story »