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Let's Paint TV is currently streaming live. Host John Kilduff is painting while running on a treadmill, cooking, and taking our calls. His show has been a genuine inspiration for almost as long as…   Read Story »
As you all know, the main goal of the stunt prank troupe, Videogum Everywhere, is to leave everyone alone and not bother anybody. We bring smiles to people's faces by simply allowing them to go about…   Read Story »
Almost all of us loved Drive. It was a fun and exciting and disgusting and Ryan Gosling is very nice to watch in a movie. Every single human knows that about him. When he asked the little kid if he…   Read Story »
If I tried to tell you that one of the Kardashian sisters from the hit show The Kardashian Sisters had written a novel you wouldn't believe me. You'd say, "Oh come on, I don't believe you." They ARE…   Read Story »
So, I got this email last night: Hi, this is Tang, I'm more of a lurker than a monster, but I am definitely a dedicated videogumer. I hope this isn't too forward/too random but I am desperate, and…   Read Story »
Ugh, pranks. They're the worst! For one thing, they are rude and mean-spirited and they play on people's natural tendencies towards decency and trust, not to mention the innate human desire for…   Read Story »
The people who organize National Novel Writing Month, which is absolute nonsense and an insult to novels, are now turning their sights to the silver screen with "Script Frenzy," an organized fort…   Read Story »
ATTENTION "AGENTS": your "mission" is as follows: log on to Twitter* and ask Topher Grace where he gets his ideas. Let's all do this, please. And remember: even if he answers the question, it does…   Read Story »
Videogum's mascot, Birdie, got a tiny shout-out on The Daily Show last night (5:45 mark). Blink and you might miss it, so, you know, just don't blink. Oh, and follow her on Twitter.   Read Story »
OK, "agents." Your mission is simple and the best part is YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE TO TAKE OFF YOUR PANTS. You can wear as many pairs of pants as you want. Wear 10 pants. Let's all befriend Monica…   Read Story »