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My shock and sadness about the election have now turned to RIGHTeous IndigNATION!(i miss you Breitbart)— Victoria Jackson (@vicjackshow) November 12, 2012 How was everyone's weekend? I…   Read Story »
Look, it's not like we don't recognize that the site has been pretty politics-heavy today. We totally recognize that. But that's what's going on! Labor Day is now ended and we are all back at our…   Read Story »
Oh, Kirk Cameron. You are OUR generation's Victoria Jackson! At first, when Kirk Cameron says something, my immediate reaction is that it must just be embarrassing for political conservatives. Why…   Read Story »
Politichicks is a new web series in which conservative women discuss the issues of the day from a conservative viewpoint. According to their YouTube description, "Conservative Americans will have an…   Read Story »
Within the first 30 seconds she references 9/11, talks about America being #1, and asks the cab driver if he knows "Jesu Christo," and then there are still 15 more minutes of serious problem solving…   Read Story »
It has been two years since we heard from Saturday Night Live alumnus Victoria Jackson. If you will recall the last time she blipped up, it was to spout some neo-con whatever on Fox News (the clip…   Read Story »
If you are like me, then when you were growing up (at the turn of the century), one of your favorite things to do was stay up late and watch Saturday Night Live. It really was the only show that…   Read Story »