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Here's a special Breaking Bad valentine & candy treat just for YOU! "It may be blue, but it's the bomb." -BreakingBadAMC Val Kilmer Valentines win the 2013 valentine contest, IMO.…   Read Story »
What would Nic Cage's babies look like if he mated with a bunch of different people and things? Dave Stopera asks the important questions. My favorite: Nic Cage & A Furby! -BuzzFeed Dustin…   Read Story »
“Did they tell you we’re making a movie? We’re not. We’re practicing making a movie,” is what Val Kilmer said on stage at Fun Fun Fun Fest after cutting his hair and "chain-sawing through…   Read Story »
There are moments when you realize that all of the hard work and innovation that was required to create the Internet was not only worth it, but is a minor miracle. Look at us now, God! Look what baby…   Read Story »
At a recent press conference for his latest movie, director Joel Schumacher (Phone Booth, Phone Booth 2) somehow ended up discussing his powerful work with the Batman franchise. He is basically the…   Read Story »
Do you guys remember the original movie poster for the upcoming 50 Cent & Val Kilmer vehicle, Gun? It was terrible! It featured 50 Cent in front of a white background wearing a puffy vest and a…   Read Story »
"Let me just get this straight: there is a movie starring 50 Cent that he wrote himself called Gun. And this movie has a borderline comedic movie poster. And in this movie, 50 Cent plays a…   Read Story »
Really? Really, Gun poster? A movie starring 50 Cent and Val Kilmer called Gun already sounds bad enough, but this poster is ridiculous. Bad movie name. Bad publicity photo. Bad marketing tagline.…   Read Story »
You can watch it here. (PRO-TIP: the age-verification thing doesn't work very well, but it seems to work if you use the name "Dave Smith." I'M LIKE THE MOVIE HACKERS.)   Read Story »
Val Kilmer, the future Governor of New Mexico, and star of 1995's Batman Forever, was crowned the 41st Bacchus in the New Orleans Bacchus parade over the weekend. He dressed up in the finest silk…   Read Story »