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If you have been on the Internet at all today, then you have probably at least noticed and decided not to read a blog post about how it is upfronts week in New York City, where all of the networks…   Read Story »
Mindy Kaling kept a diary of her upfronts experience, and it is a charming delight.   Read Story »
Hooray, more upfronts! Did everyone wake up this morning, eyes wide, more awake than they've felt in months, because they knew they'd get to hear a bunch of stuff about TV today? You didn't even need…   Read Story »
Ooooooh, IT'S UPFRONTS SEASON! You guys! That wonderful time of the year when major networks and some select cable channels let us all in on what they have in store for us, their viewers, next…   Read Story »
It looks like next fall you'll be able to catch Community on FRIDAY nights, between Whitney and Grimm, your two other faves, and it also looks like Dan Harmon may not be the one producing it. Our…   Read Story »
So, I lied earlier this week. In talking about all of the exciting parties where the stars of Fringe do burlesque routines in novelty-bathtub-sized martini glasses that the networks throw themselves,…   Read Story »
Television upfronts week continues. More panel discussions! More weird Photshops of the casts of shows standing in front of ugly Photoshopped backdrops in some kind of mega-Photoshop nightmare that…   Read Story »
This week is the television upfronts, when all of the major networks (and also some cable channels that WISH they were major networks) ("I'm going to shove you into your locker, cable networks" -…   Read Story »
The television upfronts continue to take place in New York City this week, and I continue to not know what those are. Hugh Laurie is there? Is it Hugh Laurie's birthday? Someone get Hugh Laurie…   Read Story »
It is upfronts season, which means that all of the major networks are announcing their fall line-ups and appealing to advertisers with fancy parties and celebrity-filled presentations for early…   Read Story »