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Ah, movies. Each of them tiny, two-hour slices of the lives we wish we could lead, if only our days were scripted by rooms full of jerks and acted out by beautiful weirdos. One man has chosen to take…   Read Story »
Happy GIF time, everybody! Are you aware that there is only one more GIF Friday until the day BEFORE Christmas Eve? I realize the amount of words you have to say to describe that idea kind of makes…   Read Story »
I don't have ANY proof of this, but I feel like I've been reading about these people with this GD Up house in every article I've ever read anywhere for the past one hundred years. I'll admit that…   Read Story »
Are you all having a good Monday? Probably not, right? BOOOOOO. Mondays are the worst! To cheer you up, here is a photo of a baby dressed up as the old man from Up. Someone's got a case of the…   Read Story »
Are you crazy? Do you have a lot of money? Would you like to buy a real version of the house from Up? -Cinemablend Woman who really loves cats video UPGRADE. -Geekosystem PETA Vs. Zookeeper in a…   Read Story »
Now that mash-ups have become so common as to be boring, one can forget just how good mash-ups can actually be. For example this mash-up of Pixar's Up and Clint Eastwood's Gran Torino. Now THAT is…   Read Story »
Speaking of trailers hitting the internet, here's a teaser for Pixar's Up, you guys: The description for this, at least as it's written on YouTube (the place where only the most professional…   Read Story »