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WELCOME BACK, TELEVISION SHOWS! The season premieres of Up All Night, Parks and Recreation, and the last season of The Office aired last night, along with a special Thursday edition of Weekend Update…   Read Story »
One thing I'll say about this season of Community (to lead into all of the other things) is the the Dean has become my favorite character. How did that happen? Is it just because I've gotten tired…   Read Story »
Funny how last night's episode of Community was about a war, when there's a REAL war going on in the Community family RIGHT NOW! Who's side are you on?! Jerk probably for sure, or definitely much…   Read Story »
Community was good last night, right? Though it did bring to mind the forever struggle -- especially the Jeff plot line -- of whether or not I like Community a lot because I've already decided that I…   Read Story »
I really liked last night's Community. It's easy -- for me at least -- it's very easy for me to be miserable about things -- to pick things to complain about with Community. Like how they can't seem…   Read Story »
Community is back! Hooray! All of our old friends! Parks and Recreation is gone! Oh no! All of our old only good show! One thing that I'm already annoyed about with Community is their idea that the…   Read Story »
Hey, so how about that Chloe Moretz on 30 Rock, right?! Sometimes good, sometimes bad! But a nice addition to the episode overall, I would say. And I was very impressed with myself when I remembered…   Read Story »
I was only able to watch the second half of 30 Rock last night, because sometimes in life the most terrible things in the world can happen to you right when you least expect it, like when something…   Read Story »
Two of the shows were Leap Day themed! Kind of! That was unexpected! Right? Or did you all expect that and you were waiting all week so you could hear some leap day jokes, because they're your…   Read Story »
Parks and Recreation aired their (perfect) Valentine's Day episode last week, leaving this week open for a SUPER-SIZED 30 Rock. And guess what! It was also very good! A nonstop joyride, beginning…   Read Story »