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Here is another image to get you guys excited for Spider-Man 2. How excited are you now? So exciting, though, right?!   Read Story »
As you already know, Jon Hamm doesn't like everyone talking about his humongous penis, which makes sense if you think about it. Who among us can even imagine what it is like to be the first human…   Read Story »
It's the holidays. You know, I know it, Mario Lopez knows it. Courtney Stodden definitely knows it, wherever she is. One look outside my window to the beautiful Brooklyn wintertime scene -- 60…   Read Story »
By now, we have all seen at least one picture of Jon Hamm's giant penis inside of his pants. Right? Or is that a normal size penis? UH OH! BUSTED! I have no idea. Wait, yo, real quick, how big is…   Read Story »
There was this movie in the 1990s directed by Gregg Araki called Nowhere, which was a pseudo-sequel to Doom Generation, and part of his "Teenage Apocalypse Trilogy." Anyway, at one point in the movie…   Read Story »
It's almost cliche at this point to talk about or make fun of how the local news tries to scandalize everything, but it is true that when you watch that thing the overwhelming sense is not that you…   Read Story »
Cool party. Cool FAMILY! Happy birthday, you. (Via BuzzFeed.)   Read Story »
Featuring Kellan Lutz (Twilight) and Mechad Brooks (True Blood), for anyone who wants to be half-vampire half-A**HOLE: Gross, Eggs. Gross, Emmett Cullen. Gross, other dudes. Gross, anyone who…   Read Story »
"I'm a 37-year-old woman, and I work in marketing for a small research firm. I used to live with my long-term boyfriend, and I really thought he was 'the one,' you know, but it just didn't work out.…   Read Story »