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I'm sure everyone here is as excited as I am for tonight's premiere of The Paul Reiser Show! Right? Finally, Paul Reiser, BACK ON TV!* Admittedly, I am probably not excited for it in the way that NBC…   Read Story »
"Neat!" -- no one. Follow Katie Couric on Twitter for more cool updates! (Thanks for the tip, Ben.)   Read Story »
Principle photography is currently underway on a film in which Adam Sandler plays both a brother and a sister. Looking at these set photos is like having a Final Destination vision of one's own barf.   Read Story »
Shame on that truck for hitting that dude. Shame on that dude for dancing in the street without fear of consequences. Shame on his friends for videotaping it and not looking out for him. Shame on his…   Read Story »
The New York Times is reporting that NBC has picked up The Marriage Ref for a second season. A completely average miss, NBC. The network has ordered three more episodes this season (haha, easy does…   Read Story »
I recognize that we live in a new era of over-communication, where every dull moment of our quotidian lives is meticulously recorded and broadcast. That's just the way things are now. Your mom logged…   Read Story »
What is this? WHAT IS THIS? Kathy Griffin, everybody. She makes jokes about drugging 19-year-old boys and raping them. Klassic komedy! Her chyron is "Kathy the Cougar." Perfect. This is supposedly…   Read Story »
It's called Emo Boy, because apparently The Worst was already taken. Boo!   Read Story »