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This "Star Wars Call Me Maybe" video has been online for a whole month, and it has more than 6 million views, and yet somehow, the implosive black hole that we all would have assumed this video would…   Read Story »
Hey, check out this awful bullshit Russel Brand did.* From The Sun: SEX-MAD comic Russell Brand was told off by Billy Connolly after he refused to start filming until a wardrobe girl flashed her…   Read Story »
Time flies, doesn't it? About a year ago it seemed like you couldn't go one day without seeing a new viral video of a public marriage proposal, and then in the bunch of months after that point it's…   Read Story »
From the amount of you guys sending in "Hot Problems," it seems like a lot you really want to talk about "Hot Problems." But that can't be true, CAN IT? We all just want to pretend like this doesn't…   Read Story »
For anyone who's lost contact with their children: At a certain point I am certain that we as human beings will evolve to the point where we can breathe underwater through our neck gills stop…   Read Story »
Oh good grief. COME ONNNNNNNNNNN. This is a picture of Ricky Gervais dressed as Hitler (and also dressed as Winston Churchill) that he posted to Twitter for no particularly compelling reason. THE…   Read Story »
Which is more upsetting, the Toddlers & Tiaras thing about the pretend boobs, or this new Toddlers & Tiaras thing about a baby dressing up like prostitute Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman?…   Read Story »
I'm no Kevin Smith interview aficionado. In fact, I've never read an interview with Kevin Smith other than the one that I'll be talking about right now. I don't like his movies and as you all know we…   Read Story »
It has been almost two years since young Falcon Heene climbed into a magical space balloon and soared into the collective imagination just kidding. He didn't! He was in the attic, or whatever! As you…   Read Story »
Good morning, everyone. Cute morning, everyone. This video, I'll be honest, is a bit much. Do we really need both the kitten twitching in its sleep (on its back!) (on a bed?) AND the mom bringing it…   Read Story »