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Poor Jennifer Aniston. All she has is talent, success, fame, beauty, and multiple homes, and now it looks like her mere existence is cursing a new, younger generation of spinsters. Unless...oh my…   Read Story »
How was your day? I hope it was fine, but even if it wasn't, you know, tomorrow's a new day. Right? There is always a tomorrow, unless you die today. Hopefully you can leave work or school, go home,…   Read Story »
"It's so difficult to judge relationships from the outside. Sometimes you'll hear about a fight your friend is having with his or her boyfriend and you immediately want to take your friend's side,…   Read Story »
Imagine being asked to appear on the Today Show in order to talk about your work with, and to spread awareness of, the Women’s Housing and Economic Development Corporation, which works to "build a…   Read Story »
In the future, everyone's major and minor life events will be documented on the Internet. They'll say to their wives, "Oh hey, did I ever show you the time my parents found out I got into college? It…   Read Story »
Last night, Rebel Wilson was given the honor of hosting the MTV Movie Awards, the most star-studded evening of movie trailer premieres and nonsense awards, some of which actually just do not make any…   Read Story »
Since Kim Kardashian's pregnancy began, however long ago it was (I'm not going to look it up but if I had to guess based on blog-induced fatigue: 5,000 years?) you have not been able to boot up onto…   Read Story »
Guys, it's been kind of a tough week. Ever since Taylor Swift personally shared with us, her best friends, the incredible news, I feel like we've all been a little high strung. All of us. Exactly the…   Read Story »
Thank you all for sending this in but also kind of no thank you, you know?   Read Story »
Crazy how some mornings you're just surfing the Internet, checking out what's going on here and there, having already decided that it was kind of a slow news day when BAM! You stumble upon the STORY…   Read Story »