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This Amanda Bynes thing has been fun, but at a certain point we can't all just be rubber-necking on the highway, someone has to pull the car over and rescue her from the fire and the metal. Right?…   Read Story »
This is a screengrab of actress Chloe Moretz's Twitter page. She tweets her thoughts and prayers to the people in Boston, then she retweets two articles about herself, and then she tweets again about…   Read Story »
Guys? Let's do a quick gut check, guys! How's everybody's gut? My gut is pretty good. This morning I had to take my car into the car store for a car doctor's appointment, which you would not think is…   Read Story »
In the words of Mr. Mask, alright then.   Read Story »
The attached image is taken from a video that Russell Crowe posted on-line via his Twitter account that proves beyond all doubt that UFOs are real. You see, Russell Crowe placed a camera in the…   Read Story »
Well, every part of this story is an absolute DELIGHT! Apparently, Jared Leto "promised" that he would show off his new back tattoo if he got a million followers on Twitter, and then he did, and now…   Read Story »
Word got out yesterday that Shia LaBeouf had withdrawn from what would have been his Broadway debut, a revival of Orphans also featuring Alec Baldwin. (His role will be taken over by Ben Foster,…   Read Story »
Are you albino? Then I want you in my video. Email:— JARED LETO (@JaredLeto) February 6, 2013 Just thought I'd pass along this message from our good,…   Read Story »
It has happened to all of us at one point or another, and possibly multiple times -- there you are at the airport, an adult in your early twenties, confident in your ability to take a trip by…   Read Story »
Elaine is caught on video laughing at 9/11 memorial. @gawker posts it & turns her into a pariah. Kramer claims to have invented the Snuggie.— Modern Seinfeld (@SeinfeldToday) December 10,…   Read Story »