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We're closing up a little early today to get started on America's holiday weekend, so, uh-hello, our day is going PERFECTLY, THANK YOU FOR ASKING! Unlike Alec Baldwin's day, during which he told…   Read Story »
Rest your case, Paula Deen. P.S. I love how many cuts there are in this 44 second video. One Take Tony, she is not! What was going on during this shoot? Just so many edits because she devolved…   Read Story »
New day, same old Twitter feeds being adapted into television shits. Deadline reports that Darren Star, the man behind bringing Sex And The City to television now hopes to do the same thing with a…   Read Story »
Yesterday, Patrick Stewart tweeted a photo of himself eating "his first slice" of pizza. The world, naturally, lost its mind. Dude is 72 years old. Even a broken clock is pizza twice a day. No one…   Read Story »
You: Want to hear about how I proposed to Marsha? Anyone: Oh, sure! Do you have a cute story? You: Yep, I do! Gosh, you're gonna love it. So, do you remember the iPhone application Vine? Anyone:…   Read Story »
@amandabynes pull it together dude.— Courtney Love Cobain (@Courtney) May 28, 2013 Oh boy. I like to stay out of Amanda Bynes's business as much as I can, as she seems to be a young,…   Read Story »
The Scottsdale, Arizona restaurant has begun responding to Patton Oswalt on Twitter. I am sure the FBI, much like me, is ALL OVER THIS.   Read Story »
I don't have any children of my own, YET, hi ladies, but I've done my fair share of babysitting (ALWAYS BE ON YOUR GRIND) and I've seen movies and stuff. The point is: babies, right. Yes. For sure.…   Read Story »
KABOOM! Robin Williams burned Kim Kardashian so hard on Twitter! LOLOLOL! Ouch. Sucks 2 be Kim. I suppose one could also make the argument that it sucks to be a full grown, 61-year-old man taking pot…   Read Story »
The HuffingtonPost has an interview with actor Ian Somerhalder, and I am just curious if anyone has any idea what he's talking about? What I’ve started to realize is that social media is not…   Read Story »