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We talked a bit about how 2013 was an incredibly good year for television back when we announced our Gummy Award winners, but we can talk about it again. There are -- and I (this is Kelly writing, so…   Read Story »
Simmmply havvving some wonderful hol-i-days! Simmmply haaAaaving some wonderful hol-i-days, both Thanksgiving and Hannukah! (Paul McCartney!) One of my favorite things to do during Thanksgiving is…   Read Story »
My favorite part of last night's episode of Under the Dome was actually the preview for next week's episode of Under the Dome when Dean Norris (pictured) shouts "IT CAN RAIN UNDER THE DOME!" This is…   Read Story »
How was your day today? Mine was fine! Good, I guess. I'll tell you who probably didn't have a good day today, though: THE ENTIRE CAST OF CHARACTERS ON ABC'S NASHVILLE! Hoo-boy! Does anyone out there…   Read Story »
This is just a good supercut. ENHANCE! ENHANCE! ENHANCE!   Read Story »
Kelly: Heyyyyyyyy, Gabe Gabe: hey kelly Gabe: hello Gabe: hi, how are you? Kelly: Tired Kelly: Are you tired? Gabe: always Gabe: next question Kelly: Ummm Kelly: I didn't really have another…   Read Story »
You may know that this Thursday night brings with it the final episode of the beloved television series 30 Rock. It's going to be ok! PLEASE STOP CRYING, YOU ARE MAKING A SCENE. I promise that…   Read Story »
All of our old friends -- Sofía López-Haro (Serena), Bárbara Fuenmayor (Blair), Daniel Parra (Dan), Nico de la Vega (Nate), and Max Zaga (Chuck), Vanessa García (Vanessa), Jenny Parra (Jenny), --…   Read Story »
Chalk up another great year in television! Congratulations to everyone. There were some new good shows, for sure, and plenty of great shows we already know and love. (One show that didn't quite make…   Read Story »