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So stirring. So powerful. This is what will play at my wedding for the first dance. When I hear it, I feel like nothing can stop us. My heart swells and all of the barriers fall away. You and me…   Read Story »
Man oh man are the StoryCorps videos great. This is going to be the best/last year yet!   Read Story »
Why did the airtight lawsuit cross the road? To REST YOUR CASE! See also: Nick and Norah's Infinitely Hilarious Court Case. See also: that's your boyfriend, your honor. (Via Rookie.)   Read Story »
Remember Your dating site? Where you met your wife/husband? Based on your own personal and extensive experience with the site, you know that it's the premiere on-line resource for…   Read Story »
Taking it 2 tha streets, 4 tha ladize.   Read Story »
On Sunday, December 4, TLC is going to be airing a special titled Virgin Diaries, which will follow the lives of six adult virgins. Now please be quiet and tell me nothing more about it because I'm…   Read Story »
Aww, it looks like we have an exciting little bit of news from the technology world today! After months of rumors and gossip, Furby and the iPhone's Siri have come out to the world about their…   Read Story »
According to the video, this song is called "Gravity," but I think a more appropriate name would be "Space Sandals." No matter! This is very romantic. Good faces. Romantic faces. Beautiful beach,…   Read Story »
Looking good, girl! Looking great. I think the best part about tattoos is how they are FOREVER. No one can take this tattoo away from you now. So smart. Right under this tattoo you should get another…   Read Story »
Happy birthday, womyn! Apparently it is your birthday, because how else to explain getting the one thing you've wanted more than anything else for your whole lives: photos of Jon Hamm in his Don…   Read Story »