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"I have been through so many relationships in which it seemed like each of us were holding back from expressing the true extent of our feelings. And for what? To hold onto some sense of power? To…   Read Story »
The hottest gossip is that Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny are an item. Whuuuuut? TRUE LOVE IS REAL! Don't be a skeptic. The truth is out there. Take me to your dealer.   Read Story »
Here at Videogum, we are dedicated to bringing you ALL of the important, possibly fake news from inside the private relationship of actor Jason Segel and actress Michelle Williams as told to gossip…   Read Story »
YOU GUYS ARE GOING TO GET MARRIED IN A SWIMMING POOL AND LIVE IN A PINEAPPLE UNDER THE OCEAN! The two of you were clearly made for each other. Kiss! Kiss! Did you read the part where his mom says…   Read Story »
Break ups are tough, but it's important to just get back in that saddle. This guy has a lot of qualities and hopefully someone out there fits his requirements. Something does tell me that the demand…   Read Story »
Guys, this life ain't gettin' any easier! (That is categorically untrue. I mean, life is definitely still a brief and confusing meander through a horrifying swamp filled with sadness and despair…   Read Story »
Oh great, another example of Benedict Cumberbatch's TREACHERY. Apparently, a fan ran into him in an ice cream shop and he was NICE TO HER. Cruel devil. Will nothing stop this horrible monster? Here…   Read Story »
Pat Robertson is the KING of making just about anything sound like a hate-filled tornado of bigoted venom. Everything that he is saying in this clip is actually pretty fair. I mean, if your religion…   Read Story »
Benedict Cumberbatch, am I right ladiiiiieeeeees (and fellas who really enjoyed the BBC's updating of Sherlock)?! BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH! What a perfectly named dreamboat, NO LORRIES. Obviously, you…   Read Story »
You loooooove him, you want to kiiiiiiiiiss him, he is your huuuuuuuuusband, you two are marrrrrrrrrrrrried. Obviously, a serious, committed, longterm relationship involves a lot of compromise. But…   Read Story »