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Katie Couric once went on a date with Larry King. Please see below.   Read Story »
On Conan last night. Oh, to be that ear!   Read Story »
One of our favorite Internet developments this year is the ubiquity of the "Would You Hit It?" headline. I'm sure this is much older than this year. People in caves probably painted pictures of bison…   Read Story »
For awhile now, we have ALL been wondering: "Would Billy Bob Thornton be willing to go to Brad Pitt's and Angelina Jolie's wedding? I know that they are not necessarily even getting married, and no…   Read Story »
Do you really count as a cougar just because you WANT to date younger men, even if all of the younger men clearly cannot stand you? And I have a follow up: Or is that what makes you an "extreme"…   Read Story »
The best thing about celebs is that you can never have enough information about them, so any new piece of information is a welcome new friend. PLEASE TELL US MORE ABOUT YOURSELVES, CELEBS! Sometimes…   Read Story »
Ugh, it's so frustrating how some people have all the luck, you know? Here is Mary-Kate Olsen, a former child star and billionaire fashion magnate who owned the apartment that Heath Ledger died in…   Read Story »
Earlier this week, the BAD DAD ALERT was triggered by a FOUR ALARM BAD DAD when it was reported (haha, reported) that Kelsey Grammer took his three month old baby to a party at the Playboy mansion.…   Read Story »
One of America's greatest dramas is that of Jennifer Aniston, her undying love for Brad Pitt, and her searing hatred of Angelina Jolie. Long after each player is dead, it will continue to be spoken…   Read Story »
Earlier this week, it was "reported" (because we all know and agree on what that word means, and that this falls under the definition of that word) that George Clooney had dumped his girlfriend,…   Read Story »