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NBC made an official announcement this morning that the contract negotiations with Conan O'Brien are complete, he will be leaving the Tonight Show at the end of the week, and that show will go back…   Read Story »
Here is some video of a Triumph the Insult Comic Dog live performance at a New York comedy club. Great! Via New York Magazine's Culture Vulture Blog's excellent new Twitter feed! Hot linkx!   Read Story »
On last night's (UPDATE: rerun, but whatever) Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog made his Los Angeles debut, going around to expensive LA "dog hotels" and making jokes…   Read Story »
The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien introduced Triumph the Insult Comic Dog to the masses last Friday with a field piece on Bonnaroo. It's only a matter of time now before you're at brunch and your…   Read Story »
Last night's MTV Movie Awards were weird, because much of the two-hour paid advertisement for upcoming blockbusters (like the Sandra Bullock/Ryan Reynolds rom com The Proposal. JK.) was ACTUALLY…   Read Story »
This is pretty much the most famous thing that has ever been on the internet, but for good reason. Last night Conan re-ran Triumph The Insult Comic Dog's visit to the line of costumed Star Wars:…   Read Story »
I think that a lot of people tend to group all nerds together, as if there were such a thing as a nerd qua nerd (Someone's been to college qua college!). But they have their own society, with its…   Read Story »
During David Blaine's stunt last week, which I think was called "Drop of Career Death" (I am the Great Zingdini), Triumph the Insult Comic Dog stopped by. Classic. David Blaine's next trick is…   Read Story »
Like a drunk Republican in her best sparkly clubbin' dress, Triumph The Insult Comic Dog crashed the convention in a plastic elephant costume, but for some reason they allowed him to stay and insult,…   Read Story »
For years, there has been nothing funnier than when Triumph visited the line at the Star Wars premiere, but this is pretty close. Oh, poor nerds. At least they seem to have a good sense of humor…   Read Story »