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A celebration of Jurassic Park, from the writers of Bob's Burgers.   Read Story »
There has been a lot of talk in the news (the "news") lately about John Travolta, and certain private activities that are certainly none of our business, because we don't know anyone's life and who…   Read Story »
No copyright infringement intended, just a big fan! Keep up the good work, guys! (Thanks for the tip, Marty!)   Read Story »
Even with the camera turned sideways, this is still better than Katy Perry's Jennifer Hudson's "tribute" at the Grammy's last night. That seemed a lot more like a tribute to Jennifer Hudson than…   Read Story »
Back in March, a tribute to George Carlin was held at the New York Public Library. Not sure why March. That is neither the month in which George Carlin was born (May), nor the month in which he died…   Read Story »
Lifetime's tribute to the work of Estelle Getty is the new sadness. This Friday, July 25, Lifetime Television will pay a special on-air and online tribute to Estelle Getty, who played the…   Read Story »