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I've never watched MTV's Teen Mom because I'm a grown adult man, and I enjoy my freedom outside of the penal justice system (that's what SHE said) but every once in awhile I will catch a hint about…   Read Story »
"If I were a person of color in Florida, I would pick up a brick and start walking toward that courthouse in Sanford. Those that do not, those that hold the pain and betrayal inside and somehow…   Read Story »
Senior Black Correspondent, Larry Wilmore, reports on the Trayvon Martin case for The Daily Show. It's good/interesting/funny but they should have invited Andrew!   Read Story »
Mediaite is reporting that Spike Lee has settled out of court with the McClaine family, whose address he incorrectly posted on Twitter as the address of America's Most Hated Man #1, George Zimmerman.…   Read Story »
In a letter to Politico, Geraldo Rivera has "apologized" for his explosive remarks last week concerning Trayvon Martin's responsibility for his own death via clothing choice. And by apology, of…   Read Story »
I hope everyone had a nice weekend. Now it's time to remember what a horrible dummy Gerlado is!   Read Story »
It's crazy how long you and Geraldo have been together. We've all had our share of serious relationships and long-term commitment, but for those of us without a decades long relationship under our…   Read Story »