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A question was sent into Pat Robertson's show this week about the proper pronoun to use when dealing with a transgendered person, and obviously, the evangelical talk show host with a long history of…   Read Story »
Obviously, the more time passes, especially in our new era of abundant and omnipresent information, people become more "aware" of the machinations of the world around them. (I mean, sort of. Not that…   Read Story »
The movie director, David O'Russell, who is now best known for making The Fighter but used to be best known for making Three Kings, I Heart Huckabees, and Spanking the Monkey (he makes good movies is…   Read Story »
You didn't have to actually watch the series premiere of ABC's new sitcom, Work It, last night to know that it wasn't funny. While it's important to fully understand what you're talking about to…   Read Story »
Yesterday, the new cast of Dancing with the Stars was announced. NANCY GRACE! Hahaha. Good cast. You know what they used to call Nancy Grace in college don't you? Old Silver Feet. Another cast member…   Read Story »
This morning, I was riding the subway (that's right, ladies) and there was this gang of dudes sitting in the corner around a giant cooler, all wearing shorts and flip flops and tank tops, with…   Read Story »
Who knows anymore. WHO EVEN KNOWS? This is the cover of the second issue of Candy magazine, the self-proclaimed "First Transversal Style Magazine" featuring James Franco dressed as a lady (FOR LACK…   Read Story »
If you have a hippie look, that is NOT a plus. Really? Trannies? "Hot, dynamic looking trannies"? That is how you talk to people? This movie is going to stink.   Read Story »
Whoops, Mariah Carey, this is your new music video: I know that rich and/or famous people eventually enclose themselves in a disorienting bubble of "yes men," echoing with reassurances that their…   Read Story »