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Obviously it is both every man and woman's dream to be proposed to by his or her significant other while the significant other is dressed as Predator and surrounded by, inexplicably, a Stormtrooper,…   Read Story »
"Being baked never calls upon us, the gingerbread men, at a moment of our choosing, because before we are baked we are not yet assembled and who even knows what we're going to be." “Freedom is…   Read Story »
So many things happened this week. Gossip Girl ended. Gabe posted his year-end Viral Video Retrospective. And then those are the only two things I think? Can't remember anything else. It's all a blur…   Read Story »
I'm a huge Mark Wahlberg fan. That is well documented. I just think he's a very charming and compelling actor who is just as good when he's being casual and funny in a comedy as he is when he's being…   Read Story »
I'm so excited for you. It's all finally happening. Ever since you met Greg, things have just been like, AHHHHH, crazy! It's all moved so fast, and OK, yes, some of us were worried in the early days…   Read Story »
Bad news! Well, ok, I guess there's good news and bad news and in this case I think it might be better to lead with the good news, so let me get into that first, from The Huffington Post: Michael…   Read Story »
There is going to be a Joe Strummer biopic and Stereogum wants to know who should play him! Also I want to know! My vote goes to either Ted Leo or myself. -Stereogum There is going to be a…   Read Story »
Shia LaBeouf faced Harrison Ford on the foggy countryside at dawn. Church bells pealed in the distance, marking the almost impossibly early hour, and the trees glowed softly in the growing light. The…   Read Story »
Look, just because this website has a mascot now doesn't mean that all we're going to talk about is mascots and how cute mascots are and the smells emanating from mascots and how nervous we all get…   Read Story »
The first issue of Duh Aficionado magazine in the new year is a return to the publication's mission statement: "NO DUH." Today's story involves a certain actress's hilariously insane nightmare…   Read Story »