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Oh no, Michael Bay got punched in the face in Hong Kong! Two brothers approached him and demanded HK$100,000 ($12,900), an argument broke out, and the eldest of the two struck him in the face! EEK!…   Read Story »
Scarlett Johansson is engaged to some dude. THEY GIVE AWAAWDS FOR ENGAGEMENTS. -Dlisted Benedict Cumberbatch is going to take the lead role of Percy Fawcett in Lost City of Z. Just when you've…   Read Story »
Michael Bay posted this perfect photo recently on I know you might be thinking, "Uh, why do we need to caption this perfect photo of Michael Bay and the cast and crew of Transformers…   Read Story »
Bill Murray is sporting an amazing moustache these days. Proof: this cell phone pic of Bill's moustache & Bob Newhart! -SeriouslyOMG Gov. Chris Christie's Letterman doughnut gag: what a gag.…   Read Story »
Videogum Movie Club: Let's all see The Master this weekend and then come back here and talk about it on Monday! Bill Clinton was on The Daily Show last night and they talked about, no doy, his DNC…   Read Story »
Because it is raining, and when it's raining something something something, here is a tumblr that is devoted to mashing up Bridesmaids with Game of Thrones. Your (no one's) wish is the Internet's…   Read Story »
Bad news! Well, ok, I guess there's good news and bad news and in this case I think it might be better to lead with the good news, so let me get into that first, from The Huffington Post: Michael…   Read Story »
Megan Mullally talks about the possibility of Oprah playing Ron Swanson's ex-wife on Parks & Rec, among other things that make you like her even though you don't know her and probably never…   Read Story »
In the summertime, there's nothing quite like getting together with a group of your friends, loading up your hitchback with towels and swimsuits and burgers and charcoal and beer and umbrellas and…   Read Story »
If you're at all confused by this dance-off between a generic rip-off Bumblebee Transformer, a young Tamil boy, and a Skeksi, like, if you're trying to figure out what it means, let me help you: it…   Read Story »