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Naturally, today of all days, the world says goodbye to trampoline accidents. Guys! I mean, come ON! There are no coincidences*. It's called The Secret and it is REAL. And so it is, indeed. (Thanks…   Read Story »
While there are no accidents yet to report, and despite the unfortunate fact that this is a still image rather than a video (AM I RIGHT, FELLAS?!) Videogum would be remiss if it did not report on…   Read Story »
It kind of seemed like this whole Interent thing was winding down, and then someone installed a 170-foot long trampoline in Russia. "Bloop bloop bloop BLOOP!" That is the sound of the Internet's…   Read Story »
The Internet is stronger than all of us, and it will be here long after we are gone. Sifting through the wreckage of the human race, Robot Jimmy will see what we had built, and he will say that it is…   Read Story »
We talk a lot about trampoline accidents here, because that is what this website is about, but do any of you ever think about those times that people are on trampolines and then they don't have an…   Read Story »
Aw hell. Hal, better get on up there and change the sign:   Read Story »
As you can see by the large GIF at the top of this post, this has been QUITE a week for GIFs. More than just the way that every week is quite a week for GIFs, you might be asking? Well it's hard to…   Read Story »
Cute child: check. Cute cat: check. TRAMPOLINE: DOUBLE CHECK. There are only a few missing elements that would make this the singularity of Internet videos, i.e. the point at which Internet videos…   Read Story »
A woman is suing Playboy after injuring herself on a broken trampoline during a photoshoot. Yikes! Trampolines! Admittedly, this is stretching the bounds of Videogum's jurisdictional mandate. So let…   Read Story »
File Under: TRAMPOLINE ACCIDENTS. There is, of course, the old statistical allegory in which the idea of an infinite number of possibilities is represented by a dozen monkeys (or one immortal…   Read Story »