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It must be the holiday season with all the perfect trampoline accidents we've been given lately. Dear Santa, please keep the trampoline accidents coming. Please make them look pretty bad, but please…   Read Story »
This incredible new footage serves as a reminder that trampoline accidents aren't always the trampoline accidents you expect -- trampoline accidents can surprise you. More on this story as it…   Read Story »
Someone must've done a trampoline accident rain dance (dancing on a trampoline and falling off during a storm while you're sister films it from the living room window) because after a long trampoline…   Read Story »
The Internet is stronger than all of us, and it will be here long after we are gone. Sifting through the wreckage of the human race, Robot Jimmy will see what we had built, and he will say that it is…   Read Story »
There were a few (two?) The Simpsons related things this week, so I chose this fun The Simpsons GIF to introduce us to our other GIFs today. Pretty cool, right? It was a pretty cool choice I made.…   Read Story »
If the Internet was the Arc of the Covenant from Indiana Jones (it's not, but if it was) then this compilation of Ultimate Trampoline FAILS would be the cleansing fire light that melts the Nazi faces…   Read Story »
Fancy and different trampoline accidents can be nice, but sometimes simplicity is best. Why mess with success, as they say. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. (Speaking, of course, about the trampoline…   Read Story »
Some of us, and I'm not going to say who because it's rude to call people out specifically when you don't have all the FACTS, and it really could be any of us, there but for the grace of Ricky…   Read Story »
The UK version of the Internet is calling this Scottish trampoline accident the "biggest viral hit since 'Fenton.'" Hahaha, of course. "LORRIES N' BUDGES, get out the viral metre!" -Those guys. But…   Read Story »
Internet Systems Check: ALL CLEAR. (Via RatsOff.)   Read Story »