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Recently I participated in a debate with friends about the future of Google Glass, with one friend in particular arguing that the product has such a future that in a few years we'll all be…   Read Story »
Photographer Andrew Brucker has published a book of early head shots he took of currently famous humans and you can see 16 of them over at Vulture. I'd recommend looking! They're…   Read Story »
All of our old friends -- Sofía López-Haro (Serena), Bárbara Fuenmayor (Blair), Daniel Parra (Dan), Nico de la Vega (Nate), and Max Zaga (Chuck), Vanessa García (Vanessa), Jenny Parra (Jenny), --…   Read Story »
It's really more of a sneak peek than a trailer, I guess, but what are you going to do? Call the cops on me? FOR THAT? Relax. Relax and catch your first glimpse of the Dan Harmon-less Community, if…   Read Story »
So what do you guys think? Will Marnie ever be happy again, or no? Does Hannah know about Lena Dunham's book deal? (How mad would she be if she did know?) How beautiful is Jessa going to be always?…   Read Story »
Marnie. Smiling. Ex-Boyfriend. Hannah. New boyfriend. Laughing. Shosh. Beautiful Jessa. Coffee? Tables. Sitting around a table. Talking. GIRLS: SEASON 2.   Read Story »
Will Matthew and Mary's faces fall off from making out so hard? Will Thomas fall in love and finally just leave forever already? Will the old Old Lady and the new Old Lady play board games together?…   Read Story »
How many walks will they take? Will Cora still be an American? Will poor old Bates still have pathetic face on 100% of the time? Will Matthew still be so frustrating?!   Read Story »
I'm not sure what part of "a Blair Witch style Christian horror movie about porn" you're really having trouble understanding. Have you never seen The Blair Witch Project? I think it came out in the…   Read Story »
Really, this is the second Game of Thrones S2 trailer to be released, but we never talked about the first one. Soooo, what do you think?! Also: The Simpsons did a Game of Thrones couch gag last…   Read Story »