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Now look. We're all adults here. So we all recognize that in the real world, THINGS HAPPEN. And as far as a recap of this week's Top Chef pre-season finale-finale is concerned, SOMETHING HAPPENED.…   Read Story »
The finale! Just kidding! The first of the last 100 episodes! This season is interminable. Call your cable provider and ask them to STOP carrying Bravo. Seriously, guys, don't you have other shows?…   Read Story »
Historically, in writing Top Chef recaps, I would try and come up with a fun headline. You know, just something kicky and fun. Maybe some wordplay. Maybe a pop culture reference. Something about the…   Read Story »
The best thing about doing these weekly GIF round-ups is that no one gets to tell me which GIF I get to put at the beginning (except Gabe, if he wants), so I can pick whichever one I like the best…   Read Story »
Here are a collection of graffitied Mad Men subway posters. If I were to graffiti one I'd draw the guy falling into a wedding ring. And then I'd write, "This season, everyone stays faithful and does…   Read Story »
My apologies in advance for how boring and self-serving this first paragraph is going to be, but can I just say that my DVR has not properly recorded an episode of Top Chef in months, which means…   Read Story »
Remember when Charlize Theron was on last week? That was so great. I wish she was still here this week. Oh! There she is! Charlize Theron comes into the stew room where everyone is discussing…   Read Story »
Guys, how intense was Restaurant Wars last week? JK. JK JK. But all the chefs are in the stew room just dealing with it. Muddling through. Can you even--did he really--who do they think--and cetra.…   Read Story »
The chefs are brought into a giant, empty events space. They're getting 8-way married! Congratulations! No, they are not getting 8-way married (because no one will marry Beverly. Poor Beverly!) they…   Read Story »
This show is often exhausting and infuriating, as we all know. It takes 10 weeks just to narrow the contestant pool down to a manageable number. The themes and puns are either heavy-handed or make no…   Read Story »