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It is officially the holiday season, and you know what that means. Pumpkin Head Christmas Dances! But also, parties. Before everyone gets too full on non-alcoholic egg nog and starts looking for hugs…   Read Story »
Has anyone talked to Justin Timberlake? Because he didn't show up for his part-time job Saturday night. (Groan.) The SNL finale was fantastic! Will Ferrell was in top form, and the show copied the 30…   Read Story »
If you grew up even partially in the 1980's, the nonsensical secret-handshake song (and dance) that Tom Hanks's character Josh and his best friend Billy did together probably goes through your head…   Read Story »
Did you read the transcript of Julia Roberts's speech at a non-televised roast of Tom Hanks last night? Me neither. Transcripts! So the first half of 2005. Now there's video! She says the f word a…   Read Story »
Where exactly does real rap end and fake rap begin? That can obviously be a blurry line, and in general it's just best to trust your instinct. Of course, there are obvious questions to ask yourself:…   Read Story »
The Great Buck Howard, starring Colin Hanks, John Malkovich, Emily Blunt and Tom Hanks, comes out in theaters next weekend, but I discovered the other day that it's already on IFC OnDemand, at least…   Read Story »
A trailer was released this week for a movie called The Great Buck Howard starring John Malkovich and Colin Hanks. It also features Ricky Jay, Tom Hanks, Steve Zahn, Gary Coleman, all of the talk…   Read Story »
Tom Hanks endorsed Barack Obama in a MySpace video over the weekend: (via HuffingtonPost) Here's the transcript for the hearing impaired: "Hello, I'm Tom Hanks, and I want Barack Obama to be the…   Read Story »