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I owe Tom Hanks an apology. A PUBLIC APOLOGY. You see, over the years, I had grown to dislike Tom Hanks. Isn't that just classic me? I think it all started when I watched The Terminal dubbed in…   Read Story »
Love street art, you guys. It's like a prank for your eyes!   Read Story »
When it was first announced that Elton John would be both the host and the musical guest of this week's episode of Saturday Night Live, I wondered why. But now that the episode has aired, I, well, I…   Read Story »
Mogul get emotional. Shirt get wrinkled. IT'S YA BOY!!!! Haha, is it just me or does Chet Haze look very The Pacific in this photo? I mean, The Pacific if that was a mini-series about ironing graphic…   Read Story »
Huh. So, it's Employee of the Year meets The Good Girl meets Old Dogs meets Something's Gotta Give meets Billy Madison meets a terrible episode of Community? Got it. Do I get my Hollywood Math…   Read Story »
Bet these guys pull off some of the funniest tom pranks in the biz forest.   Read Story »
Oh yay! Another HILARIOUS "prank" from the set of a Hollywood movie!!!!!! My favorite thing about these behind-the-scenes stories is how each one is more interesting and hilarious than the last! From…   Read Story »
To be honest, I didn't even know Tom Hanks had a son besides Colin, but somehow learning that he exists in the same breath as learning that he wants to be a rapper (named Chet Haze, dope) comes as NO…   Read Story »
Before we talk about Toy Story 3, can we talk about the short that played in front of it, Night & Day? Wow! That was great! I haven't seen something that I enjoyed so much in a very long time. What a…   Read Story »
SPOILER ALERT: you're 12. Watch it here.   Read Story »