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The ill-fated Valkyrie opens next week, starring Tom Cruise as an eye-patch wearing Nazi who organizes a plot to kill Hitler. NO SPOILERS. He's been hitting the interview circuit to promote the movie…   Read Story »
Weird. Friday night, the Friar's Club had a surprise roast of noted comedian Matt Lauer, and even Tom Cruise showed up to make fun of him (using his own material!) This morning The Today Show aired…   Read Story »
Today marks the 25th Anniversary of the classic '80s sex comedy Risky Business with the release of the Special Edition 25th Anniversary Edition DVD, begging the question, WHAT IS UP WITH RISKY…   Read Story »
The word on the street is that that comedy about the making of a movie in the jungle that's the #1 movie in America this week is good. In fact, if there was a Rotten Tomatoes for my friends, the…   Read Story »
lindsay: So Tropic Thunder Will Totally Revive Tom Cruise's Career And He Will Finally Win An Oscar gabe: you're retarded gabe: he's not going to win an oscar gabe: you need to get serious lindsay:…   Read Story »
Someone's ego's writing checks his fan base can't cash if (big if) Tom Cruise really thinks anyone wants a Top Gun sequel. From The Sun via Golden Fiddle: An insider said: "The idea is Maverick is…   Read Story »
The release of Valkyrie, the one where Tom cruise dresses up like a Nazi, has been pushed back until February 2009. But here's what the trailer for the movie would have looked like if it was coming…   Read Story »
Clearly, Tom Cruise's official website is telling us something. Something is going to happen at noon Eastern Daylight Time today. Here is what we know: The flashing "25" is because of the 25th…   Read Story »
Right now, as you know, Tom Cruise is on Oprah ostensibly promoting the 25th anniversary of Risky Business by saying the word "Suri" over and over (11 times so far), and watching it I just thought,…   Read Story »
A lot of people are talking about how Connor Cruise, adopted son of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, has landed his first role (non-speaking) in an upcoming Will Smith movie. The consensus seems to be…   Read Story »