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It's 2011, so the time has FINALLY come for a Top Gun sequel. "We're ready now." - America. If Hollywood had tried to make a Top Gun sequel any earlier, even in say 2009, for example, the front page…   Read Story »
This is pretty exciting news! Werner Herzog has been cast as the villain in the upcoming Tom Cruise movie One Shot, based on the book by Lee Child! Werner Herzog is absolutely the best, I don't know…   Read Story »
Brad Bird, the director of Pixar's The Incredibles, and also Ratatouille, both of which are great, although I prefer The Incredibles, in case that matters, which it doesn't, is making his live-action…   Read Story »
Celebrities wearing t-shirts of each other. The stars, they're just like us! -Celebuzz I bet David Cross is super upset that Ricky Gervais has stolen his title of Atheist Comedian. "I don't believe…   Read Story »
Dear Tom Cruise's "Sunday" Outfit, What's up with you? I don't mean, like, oh hey, hi, how are you doing, what is new. I mean, literally, what is up with you? Look, Tom Cruise's "Sunday" Outfit,…   Read Story »
After Sunday night's MTV Movie Awards, during which Tom Cruise reprised his Hollywood producer character, Les Grossman, from Tropic Thunder, for an insanely confusing dance routine with Jennifer…   Read Story »
The holidays may be a great time to watch movies, but it is apparently a terrible time for new movie trailers, based on the new movie trailers that appeared over the past couple of weeks. (It is…   Read Story »
Tom Cruise walked into the ice cream shop with his hands in his pockets. You always see these gay guys walking around with their hands out of their pockets, hanging by their sides or something.…   Read Story »
Aww, poor Tom Cruise! He is really getting hammered in the press this week. Well, he is getting hammered in the on-line interviews with far lesser known people who worked with him a million years…   Read Story »
Watching this Reuters report, which bears the headline "Pitt, Cruise Excited About Obama" is really funny if you imagine that this is the main way Obama's historic inauguration is being covered for…   Read Story »