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Speaking of Wes Anderson (in the contest today), a graphic designer named Beth Mathews pulled the five-color color palettte from each of his films, and it is neat to see. Look at it!…   Read Story »
Because we all couldn't get enough of what kind of dogs the characters from Downton Abbey would be if they were dogs, here's a collection of Mad Men characters as dogs. Oh! What would you be as a…   Read Story »
Giancarlo Esposito, AKA Gus from Breaking Bad, no doy, you knew that, is going to be on Community! If it's ever on TV again! That's exciting! I still do not like how his character arch went where it…   Read Story »
Rosie O'Donnell appeared on Piers Morgan Tonight last night and spent a good amount of her time speaking out against anti-gay rhetoric being used in the GOP race. Which is great. I don't know what…   Read Story »
Sometimes there are things that we're ALL wondering about, but that none of us woud ever have the guts -- or the ability -- to ask. I can think of a million examples. Like, ahhhh, ok, for example:…   Read Story »
Happy GIF time, everybody! Are you aware that there is only one more GIF Friday until the day BEFORE Christmas Eve? I realize the amount of words you have to say to describe that idea kind of makes…   Read Story »
As we know, Tom Cruise is in India where he is promoting The Most Impossible Mission Of Them All: The Ghost Mission. Yesterday, it was reported that he talked about how much he loved Bollywood movies…   Read Story »
Aww, poor celebrities. They always have to be "on." I'm just kidding, I do not feel bad for them. And also, they don't have to always be "on," and often they are not "on," unless you mean "on…   Read Story »
I don't know about you, but I'm perfectly content that Halloween is over. It's fine. If anything, Halloween was extra long this year. A full Halloween weekend AND a Halloween Monday? Get out of Ghost…   Read Story »
The Village Voice has been following a story, based on documents released on defected Scientology official Marty Rathbun's blog, about Scientology's investigation into Parker and Stone after South…   Read Story »