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Out on the smokers' balcony, where almost every episode of Top Chef begins, Fabio is wearing a t-shirt that says "All Stressed Out and No One to Choke." Huh. Must be custom made. An old Italian…   Read Story »
Jeff's elimination has really stirred the pot. Get it? Stirred the pot? That's cook talk for stuff. Stefan didn't like his visit to the bottom three. "It's my first time on the bottom and I feel like…   Read Story »
Hosea says that there are only seven chefs left, so there is no room for error. This is incorrect. There are six rooms for error. The guest judge is Scott Conant, who just won three stars in the NYT…   Read Story »
We're down to just eight contestants from the original 17, which Hosea points out is more than halfway through the competition, and Carla confirms that it is halfway, so we are halfway through the…   Read Story »
Hosea is gunning for Stefan. Stefan is getting under his skin with comments like, "If you cook like you carve butter then good luck to you, buddy." Hosea definitely sees him as competition, which…   Read Story »
Because it was Christmas, no chefs were eliminated last time. But everyone has realized that they better drumline. Hosea feels great about having won two elimination challenges, but Stefan doesn't…   Read Story »
All of the previous seasons of Top Chef have aired in the spring, so this is the first season in which they've had to put on holiday specials. Well, last year there was a Top Chef holiday special,…   Read Story »
This week's episode was "supersized"! That means 15 minutes longer! But there wasn't, like, a special segment or anything. It was just 15 minutes strategically woven into the normal structure of the…   Read Story »
There was no recap last week because of being so thankful, but there was still a show. In short, the chefs were given an insane curveball during the Quickfire where they had to turn their…   Read Story »
Stefan's win last week has put fellow European contestant Fabio on the defensive. But as Fabio explains, they have a saying in Italy, "it doesn't matter how many dragon you kill, is who take home the…   Read Story »