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As we do every week, we learn a little bit about the chefs before they go in for the Quickfire Challenge. We learn that Eli is a momma's boy, and that Robin does yoga because cancer. Seriously, I…   Read Story »
You have to give Top Chef some credit. We are already seven episodes into the Las Vegas season and they are only just now introducing the slot machine? BRAVA. "We can't just use a slot machine," said…   Read Story »
This is Las Vegas, baby! It's just like they always say: what happens in Vegas can be rehashed into a corny reality competition theme a billion different ways. It's all about strippers and vices and…   Read Story »
You can tell that the competition is starting to wear the chefs down. Ashley's older brother had a baby, but she couldn't be there because she is in Las Vegas cutting carrots into fake poker chips,…   Read Story »
If there is one thing that you associate with Las Vegas, it is refinement and buffet fine dining. Nothing says class and elegance like a city built in the desert dedicated to amorality and excess.…   Read Story »
For one blessed week we are given a reprieve from the relentless Las Vegas-ness of this season. I'm sure next week it will be back to "make an omelet from these pawned items that tastes like…   Read Story »
After last week's episode in which everything was Las Vegas puns this and Sin City themes that, the show has finally settled into focusing on the food, because ultimately this is a show about cooking…   Read Story »
This season of Top Chef will take place in Las Vegas, and already, after one episode, I am so tired of all of the Las Vegas stuff. Just make your food! Yum yum put it in your mouth. You don't have to…   Read Story »
The final three, Hosea, Carla, and Stefan, get onto a riverboat for what looks like an unbearably cold brunch on the lonely deck of a tourist trap. They made it! On top of the world! Hosea is dressed…   Read Story »
The chefs arrive in New Orleans for the big finale. Hosea is kicking himself that he hasn't been to New Orleans before. Sure. If I was going to be on this show, I would go to every city on the planet…   Read Story »