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Everyone is still recovering in the kitchen two seconds after last week's elimination of Manic Panic when Padma walks in and just gets things going. That is what I like to see. LET'S JUST DO THIS…   Read Story »
Anthony Bourdain was on Marc Maron's podcast recently, talking about food and cooking and being on TV and whatever. One thing that is very appealing about Anthony Bourdain's success as a famous food…   Read Story »
Everyone is out on the balcony drinking beers and smoking cigarettes after last week's intense brush with high society. So far, everyone who has been eliminated has been a guy, which makes Ed…   Read Story »
I'm not sure if you noticed, but last week was Thanksgiving. Someone on Twitter yesterday wrote, "I am really sad that @videogum went home for Thanksgiving and forgot to write a Top Chef Episode 4…   Read Story »
We finally have our 16 chefs. Uh, that is SO MANY chefs. How long has this show even been on already? Forever? It's been on forever and we only have 100 forevers left to go. The one Asian lady who…   Read Story »
As you may recall, this season started with 29 chefs, rather than the customary 16, for no discernible reason. It kind of reminds me of when I was a kid and I asked my dad to buy me a toy robot for…   Read Story »
Before we begin this season of Top Chef, Padma (HI, PADMA!) talks about all of the successes that former Top Chef winners have had since they appeared on the show. It sounds very impressive! James…   Read Story »
Before we discuss last night's finale, let's just take a moment and remember how we got here. When the show first began, just 100 odd years ago, William Howard Taft was president, the world…   Read Story »
Wait, I thought last week was going to be the finale. Admittedly, I wasn't here last week, so I was clearly PLAYING WITH FIRE! (That's a reasonable and not-overly-melodramatic way to describe being…   Read Story »
We are now down to the final five. Wait, seriously? There are still five? That feels like so many. Do you guys remember what life was like before this show? So peaceful and blissfully unaware. It was…   Read Story »