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"No. We don't really exist. Right? Like, there is no way that we are human beings who are alive on this planet, just existing along with everyone else. Sharing a shower and shampoo -- meaning, the…   Read Story »
The Learning Channel (LOL, JK) made an exciting announcement this morning. From Entertainment Weekly: The cable network has just announced a special titled The Man With the 132 lb...The special…   Read Story »
The answer is none. I know that, I'm no dummy. Life is hard and expensive and crowded enough that we don't need a Tek from The Real World: Hawaii's sunglasses line or, like, Irene's Teddy Bears.…   Read Story »
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John Boehner Looks At His Boogers During The SOTU -BuzzFeed Sports Illustrated Models Take Over Letterman's Top 10 -Complex Steven Seagal Instructs His Special Posse -FilmDrunk Lil Mama To…   Read Story »
Say Good Morning To Angela Lansbury Holding A Koala! -LaughterKey Where Is Kai Now? Catching Up With The Hitchhiking Hero -Gawker Black & White Film Stills Shown In Vivid Color…   Read Story »
"It's hard to even remember what my life was like before meeting Lisa. I woke up in the morning and went to work, I know that much, but what did I think about all day? What occupied my mind, what…   Read Story »
Some may rag on TLC for providing exclusively exploitative, generally somewhat sad, garbage "reality" entertainment while maintaining the name "The Learning Channel," but you AT LEAST have to hand it…   Read Story »
Hey guys, you know how everyone we love is going to die someday and we're going to have to bury their lifeless bodies in the ground and go on living without them, knowing the pain left in their…   Read Story »
WHOA. Guys! Adam Levine, adult frontman of popular rock group Maroon 5 and one of the judges on the consistently-confusing-for-a-very-infrequent-viewer television talent contest The Voice, has some…   Read Story »