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This photo is entitled "Sad Jennifer Lawrence Eating A Whole Fish" but really it's more like, "I'm trying to eat this fish, it's a little embarrassing that they're making me do this, please…   Read Story »
Action movies are basically children's movies for adults. That is to say that they are expressly designed to hit very specific pleasure centers to generate a predictable and uniform reaction. Bad…   Read Story »
In the tradition of Deliverance and The River Wild, A Perfect Getaway is a man-vs-man-in-nature thriller starring Steve Zahn and Milla Jovovich as a vacationing couple who run into the wrong creepy…   Read Story »
When I was in Junior High, back in the mid-60s, I was really into Stephen King. One year, our teacher asked us to pick a book, read it, and write a one page report. When I handed in my report on It,…   Read Story »
Go, the poorly-marketed Doug Liman cult classic starring Sarah Polley and Katie Holmes as 17-year-old grocery store clerks who get swept into the LA underworld, and also several other storylines, is…   Read Story »
Go and Deadwood's dreamy Timothy Olyphant will be joining the cast of Damages on FX in the fall: His character becomes entangled in the life of Ellen Parsons (Rose Byrne) as she deals with her boss,…   Read Story »