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Hey, remember how earlier this week we had a Videogum Movie Club about The Fifth Estate and literally no one else saw it? Hahahahah. Not ONE comment was to say that he or she had seen the movie and…   Read Story »
Wait, Beetlejuice 2 is happening for real?! I thought that was like the Friends movie -- something that everyone will be asked about on award show red carpets from now until the end of time, and…   Read Story »
Although NBC hasn't confirmed it yet, a "well-placed source" has told The Hollywood Reporter that Jimmy Fallon has signed on to replace Jay Leno at The Tonight Show, and that the network wants to…   Read Story »
Here's a newly-released White House photograph of President Obama getting webbed by Spider-Man. Click through to see Spider-Man, he's terrifying! -HuffPo Jimmy Kimmel celebrates "This Year In…   Read Story »
This is a Pee Wee Herman-themed, no doy, ad by artist Tim Anderson for the Planet Pulp online exhibit The Tim Burton Show. You should look at it! You will enjoy it, I think! -DangerousMinds Colin…   Read Story »
About a year ago, the world got word that two dudes, David Katzenberg and Seth Grahame-Smith, were writing a sequel to Beetlejuice. And then the world put that information in the back of the "Sequels…   Read Story »
Aubry Plaza participated in the most recent addition of Nerve's sex advice column. She didn't give any sex advice, but she DID say that she wished strangers would come up to her and kiss her on the…   Read Story »
I'm sure all kinds of cool stuff goes on in the White House at all times. Like, Sasha and Malia probably rollerskate all over the place and have caretakers who have to watch them do it, and then for…   Read Story »
Back in 2001, right at the turn of the new Willennium, Mark Wahlberg played the lead in a Tim Burton remake of Planet of the Apes that nobody really liked. I guess. I don't remember the movie or…   Read Story »
Faster than a receding hairline, am I right, you guys?   Read Story »