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The story isn't so bad either. From Deadspin: The man who attempted (and failed) to throw a hot dog at Tiger Woods at the Open last weekend has been identified. He is Brandon Kelly, a…   Read Story »
This sports announcer is right, it is incredible that "Tiger Woods managed to get a 69 out of this."   Read Story »
Yiiiiiiiiiikes. OK, so, this is a new advertisement for Nike, it features Tiger Woods in sadface, and the voice of his father, Earl Woods, asking him if he learned anything. P.S. Earl Woods died in…   Read Story »
Date: April 5, 2010 Time: Unknown Location: CNN Headline News Source: FAILblog Description: Disgraced professional athlete used TWSS during first press conference after highly-anticipated return…   Read Story »
It is tentatively titled Tiger's Wood. You get it. Honestly, there are a lot of Dream Jobs out there, but coming up with porn titles is definitely one of the Top Dream Jobs. That would be so fun. Too…   Read Story »
Normally, English teachers will advise you to avoid the passive voice, but I think we can all agree that this YouTube description is perfectly written: "Tiger's wife is manfully defended by him in…   Read Story »
Now, I don't speak Chinese, but I think that what happened is pretty clear. Tiger Woods and his wife, Elin Nordegren, both entered the neural net in an attempt to become pure energy and make all of…   Read Story »
Well, this sounds boring. From the AP: Comic Ray Romano is going to the golf doctor. The Golf Channel says the "Everybody Loves Raymond" star will be the focus of its new reality series, "The Haney…   Read Story »
The World's Ugliest Dog award went out on June 20 to a dog named Gus who is definitely ugly, so congratulations to everyone involved with that. You provided a clear goal, and you met that goal. But…   Read Story »
In an interview a few weeks ago, George W. Bush made the heart-warming announcement that he had given up golf because of the War in Iraq. The guy is mad nice. After the presidential election ends…   Read Story »