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 X-Men: Days of Future Past teaser photo, everybody! -/Film Entertainment Weekly spoke with Vince Gilligan, Breaking Bad coexecutive producer Peter Gould and executive story editor Gennifer…   Read Story »
Gosh, can you believe the VMAs weren't even a week ago? It's seems like we've been talking about them for years! Let's look at these GIFs about the VMAs, and these GIFs about the other things that…   Read Story »
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I had brunch with a friend who hadn't seen any part of the Cornetto trilogy (that's something only nerds call it, right?) (I've never said it out loud because I am NOT a nerd) before seeing The…   Read Story »
Videogum Movie Club Reminder: Let's all go see The World's End this weekend, as a family, and then come back here and talk about it on Monday! Great! Here is Kanye West's full, absolutely nuts…   Read Story »
A bunch of character posters for Edgar Wright’s upcoming film The World’s End were released today. Want to look at them? -/Film I cannot believe anyone on the Internet even for one moment…   Read Story »
Here's a new teaser poster for Edgar Wright’s upcoming The World's End. Do you feel sufficiently teased? -SlashFilm Just when Romney thought he had all the powerful endorsements in his pocket,…   Read Story »