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According to this blog post, Anthony Bourdain promised David Simon a cronut in return for appearing on his guest-hosted episode of Piers Morgan, but then renegged on the cronut. Yikes. WE WILL…   Read Story »
"If I were a person of color in Florida, I would pick up a brick and start walking toward that courthouse in Sanford. Those that do not, those that hold the pain and betrayal inside and somehow…   Read Story »
As the opening notes began to play, I grabbed the mouse and fast-forwarded past the song. “Hey! I was listening to that,” Kenan objected from the couch, and launched into his own rendition of…   Read Story »
It feels like the last couple of weeks, the Internet has been awash in more think pieces than ever. That's probably not true. But that's how it feels. This probably has a lot to do with the blogs…   Read Story »
Here's a special Breaking Bad valentine & candy treat just for YOU! "It may be blue, but it's the bomb." -BreakingBadAMC Val Kilmer Valentines win the 2013 valentine contest, IMO.…   Read Story »
Well? I'm not sure what else you want me to say -- you saw the headline to the post, now ANSWER THE QUESTION! Just kidding! My new year's resolution is to never stop joking around and sharing a few…   Read Story »
Profile of the actor who played Omar comin'! (Oof. Sorry.) does have an in-depth profile of Michael K. Williams's history of drug abuse and acting, though, which is interesting for Michael K.…   Read Story »
A bunch of new photos from the set of the new Arrested Development were released. I hope so many photos are released throughout the process that we can all make a big flip book of all the photos and…   Read Story »
The Videogum Movie Club Reminder: The Dark Knight Rises is this weekend's Video Movie Club choice. Go see it, and then talk about it with Gabe on Monday. John McCain, Barbara Boxer, and Olympia…   Read Story »
To commemorate The Wire's 10th anniversary, which happened this past weekend, (did you remember?), (what did you get for it?), Maxim put together a pretty lengthy oral history of the show, featuring…   Read Story »