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This week, we begin with Lori up in heaven. She meets Albert Einstein and Beethoven! "Hey, Lori," God says, "sorry about all those zombies. We had kind of a mix up at the front office." Lori's eyes…   Read Story »
They're back! All our old pals. Oof. You know how on Friday afternoon you are so excited for the weekend and the world feels bright and full of promise and who even knows how much fun and relaxation…   Read Story »
Just when you felt safe, here comes some boring dumb garbage creepin' up. RUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!   Read Story »
Everyone is having a real grumpy breakfast. Seriously, what's up, guys? Everyone OK? Shane is eating his eggs like they insulted him on his Facebook wall. Andrea's sharpening a knife. Rick is staring…   Read Story »
Carl and Lori are feeding the chickens. "Don't look so worried," Carl says. "That's my job," Lori says. "No it's not, you're a housewife." BOOM! CARL DROPPIN' BOMBS! Lori throws chicken seed in his…   Read Story »
Remember when Bradley Cooper was going to be in a remake of The Crow for a few minutes back in April? Of course, how could you forget! Well, now you can see what could have been with some "Bradley…   Read Story »
FLASHBAAAAAAAAAACK! Traditionally, a flashback is used as a way to offer up previously unexamined information that might help to explain how or why the characters are behaving in a certain way in the…   Read Story »
A hundred years ago, I went to the movies with some friends of mine and there was a trailer for the Joe Pesci, Danny Glover vehicle Gone Fishin'. In the trailer, Joe Pesci and Danny Glover leave on a…   Read Story »
TGIF! TGIF! TGIF! One difficult thing I'm running into lately with this GIF post is that it seems like nobody on the internet is making and posting weekly Walking Dead GIFs? WHAT'S UP, INTERNET? Do…   Read Story »
Shane, who has not been bitten by a zombie but does seem to be suffering from some kind of Smoldering Brood Virus, is in the bathroom at the farmhouse taking a shower and also shaving his head. Wait,…   Read Story »