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This is just a good picture of Wil Wheaton drinking his morning coffee in the bathrobe we'd expect to see. -WilWheaton Dave Grohl Interviews Nas On Chelsea Lately -Stereogum Hollywood Stars…   Read Story »
Just for laughs: A video of Anderson Cooper & Emmitt Smith testing out a leaf blower in each other's faces -AndersonLive Jimmy Fallon & Brian Williams Slow-Jammed The News last night, and…   Read Story »
WarmingGlow put together a nice collection of behind-the-scenes photos from Breaking Bad Season 5, including this winner of Aaron Paul wearing an ice pack on his head. Ladies? -Uproxx Blue and…   Read Story »
You're looking at a verrry close-up picture of Nick Offerman's moustache that was taken by Rob Huebel. -@robhuebel Hey! You! Quit whining and put on a goddamn coat. -TheWorldsBestEver 75 Years…   Read Story »
SPOILER ALERT I haven't seen the season premiere of The Walking Dead. What are you going to do about it? Chop my head off with a machete? GO FOR IT! Then I will never have to. Here's the thing: two…   Read Story »
First, an IMPORTANT correction. Sean, a reader, sends this email: To whom it may concern, This message is for “Gabe” the writer of The Walking Dead recaps, couldn’t find any other way to…   Read Story »
Grimes is eulogizing Dale, who died last week when a zombie rubbed his tummy too hard. Dale, Grimes explains, could get under your skin, which is an idiom that is sometimes used as an insult and…   Read Story »
Daryl is beating up Russell in the shed. Right. No, yeah. Last week, Grimes kept saying "I need a night to think about what to do, and Daryl needs a night to beat up Russell in the shed." This poor…   Read Story »
AMC may have revealed a MAJOR (I assume) Walking Dead spoiler in a DVD advertisement on its website. Everyone's actually dead and they're all in heaven! Just kidding! Don't click on that if you don't…   Read Story »
This week's episode begins "in media res," which is a Latin phrase that means "surrounded by zombies." Grimes and Shane are covered in blood. That kid who Hand That Rocked the Cradle'd his leg last…   Read Story »