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[Originally posted on October 17th, 2011.] Oh boy. Yay? It's all our old friends! Look, there's Half Face! And Gut Bucket! And who could forget about old White Eyes?! We begin the new season with…   Read Story »
STOMP ON THEIR HANDS! Before I get too far ahead of myself: we didn't do a "How Was Everyone's Day Today?" post yesterday because I forgot. Uh-oh. I guess you're going to have to sue me about it?…   Read Story »
George Bush presented Jay Leno with a painting he did of him last night on The Tonight Show, which is certainly something. -NowThis Smearballs and Cyriak (names we all know and understand, moving…   Read Story »
You'll have to go over to /Film to get the explanation of this image, I'm not going to tell you here. Sorry, but life is tough and it's better that you learn that now. -/Film Flights of the…   Read Story »
You might remember this kitten from this week's edition of The Petting Zoo. WHAT A SWEET TREAT. Certainly one of the better animal GIFs. Want to see some not-as-good-but-still-good human GIFs? Well,…   Read Story »
I don't watch The Walking Dead, and Gabe (now a zombie himself) didn't even watch the last season of The Walking Dead, so it would probably be fair enough to let the season four premiere come and go…   Read Story »
The Walking Dead returns to AMC this Sunday, and if you live in Los Angeles you can celebrate its return by going to an art gallery and seeing some The Walking Dead art! It sounds like a terrible…   Read Story »
"Oh, I don't know. I love The Walking Dead, but it's just like -- what is there to dress up as if you love The Walking Dead and still want to be sexy I mean sassy? Sexy zombie? Oh, please, I was a…   Read Story »
Right in time for back to school, AMC and the University of California at Irvine have partnered to create one of the SICKEST college courses of all time! And I mean TRULY the SICKEST, 'CAUSE IT'S…   Read Story »
This is a new image from The Walking Dead season 4. Looks like the bottom halves of heads get replaced with scarves this season! Oh no! -PopCultureBrain "Obi-wan, can you stop saying…   Read Story »