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The Conan O'Brien/Jay Leno "feud" (for lack of a better term), which reached a high/low point today with the publication of Conan's thoughtful, carefully outraged letter of protest, which you should…   Read Story »
Look, as one website has already pointed out, this whole thing is basically in-fighting among millionaires, and it's not like any of us are confused about the fact that there are real things going on…   Read Story »
Whoa. So that happened. YOU GO, GIRL!   Read Story »
In his opening monologue on The Tonight Show last night, Conan O'Brien continued to DRUMLINE. I sure hope he ultimately defeats Morris Brown College.   Read Story »
Jerry Seinfeld has finally broken his legendary silence and weighed in on the Leno/O'Brien situation. From the Hollywood Reporter: What did the network do to him? I don't think anyone's preventing…   Read Story »
As you may have heard by now, on Friday night's episode of The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien, Conan finally addressed the rumors about NBC's late night line-up shuffle. In the above clip, he makes…   Read Story »
The New York Times has an update on NBC's supposed (but still unofficial? It is 2010, NBC, it is time to CONTROL THE STORY) plans for the late night lineup: Pressed by affiliates and shrinking…   Read Story »
Dear NBC, There have been rumors circulating about the future of your late-night lineup for months now, and so every new piece of news must be taken with a novelty-sized grain of salt. Earlier…   Read Story »
Man I guess I basically am a journalist, since apparently all you have to do to be a journalist is ask someone who works as a production assistant what they think would be neat and then publish their…   Read Story »
OK, so this is really happening. The cast of Jersey Shore are being treated like actual human beings with something to offer. Kind of. And fair enough! Personally, I think that we are losing the…   Read Story »