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Conan may or may not be the reigning King of Late Night (there's simply no way to know for sure, the science just isn't there yet), but Norm MacDonald is definitely the King of Late Night Guests. PAH!   Read Story »
The Taiwanese news program that brought you CGI Tiger Woods now gifts us with the CGI Lenon/O'Brien fight, complete with CGI Jeff Zucker. Why isn't this show on every night at 10PM for an hour?   Read Story »
During last week's Television Critics Association panel discussions, whatever any of that means, Loius C.K. offered up his thoughts on the NBC late night fiasco between Jay Leno and his old friend…   Read Story »
Over the weekend, Funny or Die dug up the on-air announcements that Conan and Jay made on their respective late night talk shows concerning the 2009 transition of power. They both say nice things…   Read Story »
Zing. (Link.)   Read Story »
Jimmy Fallon as Neil Young sings General Larry Platt's hit song, "Pants on the Ground." (Oh, also, separately, Conan put the Tonight Show up for sale on Craigslist.) Late night TV, you guys, keep it…   Read Story »
Jimmy Kimmel was the guest on last night's 10@10 segment on The Jay Leno Show, where he literally spoke truth to Big Jay Leno. It is genuinely amazing to watch. Things don't REALLY get going until…   Read Story »
So, reports have continued to fly around all day, as reports are known to do, about the future of NBC's late night schedule. Nikki Finke reported that Jeff Zucker was threatening to "ice" (almost…   Read Story »
Jay Leno issues his own letter. Kenneth the Page interrupts Conan's monologue and then Conan interviews Ricky Gervais. And Dave Letterman lets NBC have it.   Read Story »
Last night, TMZ reported that Jay Leno is already in talks to not only return to 11:30, but his show will be called The Tonight Show. Perfect. And this exists now, of course. Anyway, on last nights…   Read Story »