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Conan O'Brien has announced the name of his new TBS show, which premieres November 8th. To do so he made a fun little video in which he sits in a shabby office and writes the name on a piece of paper…   Read Story »
The writing staff of The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien has been nominated for an Emmy Award, while the writing staff of The Jay Leno Show with Jay Leno has been nominated for both a BARFIE and a…   Read Story »
In a testament to how bad Jay Leno is at his job, here we have an extended interview with Tracy Morgan, arguably the best late night interview subject in the world, and it is almost unwatchable. Put…   Read Story »
It was announced a few weeks ago that longtime Jay Leno Show band-leader, Kevin Eubanks, was looking to abandon that ship. Now it is official. On last night's episode of The Show That Must Not Be…   Read Story »
A billboard company has generously donated thousands of billboards (that's so many!) to displaying Conan O'Brien's Twitter feed in real time. Which means that our nation's billboards, along with…   Read Story »
According to Movieline, Max Weinberg wants to be Jay Leno's new band leader when Kevin Eubanks leaves. It's like they always say, keep your friends close and your band leaders closer.   Read Story »
In a piece of video that is going around, Joy Behar captured an intimate moment with Jay Leno backstage after appearing on his show, where she finally broke her legendary silence and asked Jay to…   Read Story »
You can now follow the "thoughts" of Conan's beard and ATM card, among others. What a future we live in.   Read Story »
Andy Richter was on Regis and Kelly this morning, and unlike Conan O'Brien, he doesn't have a gag order in his contract. So.   Read Story »
As we all know, the Internet hates Jay Leno, because the Internet is primarily for young people, and Jay Leno is exclusively for dying people. Duh Aficionado Magazine, true to its journalistic…   Read Story »